Boley provides you top service in managing your property portfolio.

Boley Group is a professional real estate investment and consultation organization in Australia. Our business covers property development, projects design and management, property trades and tax plans.

We Provide

Investment consultation

We provide top quality assets portfolio consultation services, covering detailed property data, city development plans, supply and demand analysis, renting research, risk evaluation etc.

Projects development and management

Our services include Large to medium projects development, projects consultation, legal and tax consultation, application and approval, construction management, capital funds management, projects sales etc.

Legal and financial consultation

We provide legal advice, policy interpretation and tax plans in Australia, and customized property and finance consultation services.

Boley Group with U

Boley group is a professional property investment and consultation organization in Australia. We are conveniently located in the CBD of Burwood, one of the suburbs with largest Chinese population in Sydney, with modern and pleasing office area.